Whatsapp Banned Number Unbanned 100% Solution With Proof

I Have Been Banned On Whatsapp How I Get Unbanned Whatsapp Number? Many Users Will Asking These Types Of Questions So Today I will Share My Method And Show You A Live Proof of How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number? I Will Successfully Unbanned My Whatsapp Number Using This Trick.

Whatsapp Banned Number Unbanned 100% Solution

Recently WhatsApp was banned my number for using Whatsapp Because I Have Many Whatsapp Group And Share Many Messages Its Whatsapp Terms or Policy Violation. Then Now I will Succeed To make It Unbanned Or Active. if your WhatsApp number was banned then you will following my method for unbanned it. I will share my method in this video so you watch this video for unbanned Whatsapp number. because I will show you live proof and its best way is a video you can easily understand and I’m sure these tricks will helping you to make banned Whatsapp to unbanned. let’s see…

After Watching This Video You Will Understand So Now Will Talk About Appeal whats Mail You will Send To Whatsapp? Mail Format is Here.

Mail 1

“Hello Whatsapp Team,

If you think I’m Violation Your Policy Then I’m Really Sorry For That And I’m Apologies For It and it’s a mistake.
But Please Unbanned my WhatsApp number 99999999999 because it’s my real WhatsApp number many Friends, family members or other important contact are joined with me on Whatsapp so please unbanned my WhatsApp number. 
Give me one chance now I will be never violation terms or policy.
Thank you.”

Mail 2 Whatsapp Banned Number Unbanned 

Hello Whatsapp Team 

I’m Accept I was Violate Your Terms Or Policy And I’m Really Sorry For That It’s a Mistake.

But Some People Are Wrongly Reported my Number because I’m Sharing Real And Useful Messages but He doesn’t like it. So He was Wrongly Reported my Number And my Account was Banned.

This is my original Whatsapp so many Friends, Family or Business Clients or customers join with me on Whatsapp so my account is most important for me.

I Requesting You To Unbanned My Whatsapp And Give me one Change I will Never Violate WhatsApp Term’s Or Policy Please Understand My problem And Unbanned my Number_________

Thank You…

New Mail Updated 27/10/2018 Must Try it.

Mail 3

Hello WhatsApp Team

I’m Agree With You And I will Respect WhatsApp’s All Terms or Policy. But it was Misteck I’m Not Doing Anything Wrong On Whatsapp.

I’m Sharing Important And Useful Message Related To Education But Some People Are Wrongly Flags or Reported My Account So WhatsApp was Banned my account.

My Humble Request To You Whatsapp Please, Unbanned my WhatsApp It’s My Official WhatsApp number So My Friends, Family, Clients Are Unable To Contact me It’s Huge problem For me. I hope you will understand my problem.

Please Unbanned my Number And Give One change. Trust me I will Never Violate WhatsApp terms Or Policy In the Futures.

My whatsapp Number ___________

Thank You.

Mail 4 Whatsapp Banned Number

Hello Whatsapp Team

My Number Was Banned For Using Whatsapp But I’m Really Sorry If I was Violated Your Term’s Or Policy. It was Mistake

I’m Not Doing Anything Wrong On Whatsapp. I’m sharing Only Educational Information with my Friends or Groups and You Are Banned me. !!

This Is my Real Whatsapp Number My Family member, Friends, And Others People’s Are Unable to Contact me And I’m Also Unable to Contact him. So Please Understand my Problem.

I’m Requested To You Please Unbanned my Number Please. It’s big Problems For Me. I hope you will Understand Waiting For Your Reply…

My Whatsapp Number_________

Thank you

I Will Send This Mail to Whatsapp And Whatsapp Was Unbanned My Number. so You Will Must Try. I Hope Your Whatsapp Was Unbanned. If You Like This Whatsapp Banned Number Unbanned Trick Then Share with Everyone.

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  1. my whatsapp number banned at 5 p.m today and i am mail support team but they're sending a mail then i. reply then send again. mail large people complain then i a,m again send your msg copy past but they're not reply. i really understand my mistake to join unknown group help me bro


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