How To Hide Photos On Your Android Phone | Hide Photos App 2020

Hide Photo 2020: Every Mobile Users have some photos and videos that’s he doesn’t want to share with anyone. So He/She Likes to Hide photos in gallery or other way using hide photo app users can hide photos in an android mobile phone.

Today we share one of the best hide photo apps that are guaranteed working well for you. using this application your private and personal photos hidden in an android phone is became very easy. you see anytime your hide photos using your secret password or Pattan lock.

How To Hide Photos On Android Phone Using Hide Photo App 2020

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Now day hide photos in android is to easy. Using this trick by you can easily
hide pics in phone with android application. Also this app is 100% free so you can be using it unlimited.

Everyday Many Users Find the solution of hide picture in android phone so finally, you reached the right place. after installing this hide photos app open it and you see all photos from your gallery.

Select photos that you want be to hide from gallery. Click on Hide and set your password or Pattan lock to Re access hidden photos.

This trick is also a solution for how to hide photos in mi, vivo, one plus, jio, iPhone, Samsung, etc device. android app working in all android devices so you can hide your photos the same way in all android devices.

So don’t wait just install hide photos app 2020 from below provided link.

Install Hide Photos Application

FAQ For Hide Photos On Android & Hide Photos App

How do I hide photos in my gallery?

Nowadays Smartphone has a feature to hide your photos in your gallery. If your phone provides this facility then you can hide photos in the gallery easily. so just go to the gallery and find this setting.

How do I hide photos on my phone?

Same Question in a different way yes as we say your smartphone have photo hide features then you can hide photos on your phone.

How do you hide photos on Android without the app?

Without an app, hide photos is now easy when your android mobile provide hide option in gallery. if your phone has this function then you hide photos on android without app easily.

How do I hide a picture folder on Android?

To hide all picture folder then you found application from play store because many photo hide app provide this function. Also you can use your smartphone features to hide saprat folder of photos.

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